Join our Ballet Godparent Program

Sponsor a Student: Become a ballet godparent

Sponsor a child in Guatemala today by becoming a ballet godparent or godsister! With just $35-100/month, you can provide monthly dance classes and academic support to a student in need as well as cover all dancewear and performance expenses!

Many of our scholarship students come from very difficult walks of life. Ballet is a place where they can thrive, regardless of life circumstances. Scholarship students are expected to maintain an 80 point average or have school grades increasing to maintain at 80 point average. Math and English homework help are offered to scholarship students as well as assistance purchasing school supplies and locating resources. If students struggle raising grades, a goal setting system is implemented.

If you or your child is a dancer and would like to serve as a dance friend/mentor, this is also a possibility if you support at the $50-100/month level. This intercultural exchange experience, will allow both parties to see what it is like in dance spaces and holidays in different parts of the world!


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