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The majority of our families come from situations of low income and poverty. Most parents of our scholarship students work in the informal economy (selling trinkets on the streets, washing clothing, working in construction or being a hired hand). As Lake Atitlán, Guatemala is a tourism-based economy, the majority of our families have been left jobless without government support.

Since March 2020, we have been distributing food staples bimonthly to our families in need as well as providing internet access to families who otherwise would not be able to participate in our uplifting online classes and activities. This is only possible with your generous financial support. Everything helps!
Help provide food to these families!


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Sponsor a Student: Become a ballet godparent

Sponsor a child in Guatemala today through our Ballet Godparent Program. Provide unlimited monthly dance classes and academic support to a student in need as well as cover all dancewear and performance expenses!

Motivate your ballet godchild to succeed in dance and academics as you learn about the Guatemalan culture.

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Weight Lifting Class

Costume Closet

Orphanage Dance Program

Help all girls feel beautiful and special!

With your donation, we can send ballet teachers to give classes at a local, but remote, orphanage. Transportation costs $13 USD/day to send 2 teachers to the orphanage (a boat and bus ride away). With increased funding, we can offer consistent classes at the orphanage!


Dancewear & Costume Donations

We are consistently in need of the following:
Ballet and jazz shoes
Leotards, tights and jazz pants
Ballet, lyrical and jazz costumes

We have many growing children in need of dancewear. Please contact us if you are interested in sending us your gently used or new donations.




We welcome short term and long term volunteers. As a volunteer, you can volunteer in-country or remotely. As a volunteer you can help with classes, workshops, costumes, workshops, special events, field trips, homework, marketing, fundraising and/or grant writing.

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