We provide free dance classes to students from situations of very low income, extreme poverty and orphanages. For all students age 9+, not from orphanages, the scholarships are tied to academic performance. Students are expected to maintain an 80% average or higher or continuously increase their GPA to reach their academic goal. We provide resources and homework help to students so they can achieve this goal. We have seen many of our students dramatically increase their academic standing with through this program, and with the collaboration of the parent, because the students know that if they do their best in school, they earn coming to dance classes! This program is supported through the ballet godparent program, in which sponsors donate to cover dance class costs, recital costs and event fees.


Supporting students from families of difficult economic situations, academic scholarships and tutoring provide additional support towards success. Based on need, we support students with library cards, school supplies, backpacks, field trip support (something many students could not previously attend) and participation in school parades (costumes are typically required). Our program tutor and coordinator works with our students, their parents and their teachers to help every student have the opportunity to succeed, regardless of circumstances. Our goal is for each child to finish middle school and graduate from high school!

This is financially possible through the ballet godparent supporting at a $50+/month donation level.



Ballet godparents sponsor ballet scholarships and academic scholarships to qualifying students. Ballet godparents have the opportunity to write to their ballet godchild and meet their ballet godchild via videochat when the parent and Miss. Christine are present. Ballet godparents are also able to send gifts to their ballet godchild for holidays and good grades. This relationship provides additional inspiration and academic and dance motivation to the students.


We are currently partnered with two orphanages, offering free ballet classes to all children interested. One of the orphanages is remote from their closest dance studio. Through your support, we have been able to provide funding so the girls can attend dance classes once a week. It costs $40USD/day for the boat to transport the group from their town to the studio (not including transportation into town from the orphanage). We also travel to the remote orphanage twice a month to provide basic ballet classes to the little girls.

Your financial support can ensure transportation funding for these girls to continue receiving dance classes!



Our philosophy is to share the love of Christ through our program, in what we say and do. We are also partnered with Pride in Purity, a Christian organization which teaches women what it means to be a child of God and have purity of mind, heart and body, especially in situations of peer pressure. In March 2019, they hosted their first Pride in Purity conference in Guatemala for our girls.


We are very excited to partner with ballet schools in our pen pal program. Through this, students learn about cultural similarities and difference and share their academic and dance goals. We also pray for our pen pals, so they too can reach their goals! We are currently pen pals with:


One of our long-term goals is to train local students, especially those from low income situations or an orphanage, in the technique of ballet with our philosophy of sharing the love of Christ through dance. Our student teachers, or assistant teachers have shows great interest in ballet or becoming a teacher. Many students from low income situations will have difficulty financing higher education. Becoming a ballet teacher provides a career option currently in high demand in this area which can also be a source of funding for higher education!


With the support from international and local volunteers, we provide open, free dance classes to the community through a continuous partnership with the local library.